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Lean Six Sigma Certification - Thank You Nasdaq

I would like to thank Nasdaq and my manager to provide such an opportunity to learn six sigma concepts. It is an useful program for any leaders who manage production team.

Lean Six Sigma - White Belt

Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Varma Kalai - Edison 2

Since I am getting more readers for the post "Nokku Varmam - A Powerful Martial Art" written on  Feb 3, 2014, here I am sharing one more post with same topic. I wrote 50 posts in my blog, among this above mentioned post was attracted more by audience. It clearly shows now people are changing and interested in traditional stuffs. While researching I found few information about Aasaan Madurai Rajendran who is very popular in varma kalai. His articles have been published in many newspapers and magazine, including various local media like Dhinamalar, Dhinakaran, Dailythanthi, Thinamani, Thinaboomi, Champion, Kalki, Kunkumam, Nakkeeran, Devi etc.

Rajendran, Martial Art Master (AASAN)

ZEE TV Nokkuvarmam demonstration


There are three different courses available for a student to chose from based on the level of expertise you require,

Basic Level :
In this course we would cover basic self defense techniques and 12 varmam. The duration of the course would be 2 weeks.

a. Varmakkalai Meditation
b. Vashi Yogam
c. Varmakkalai Mudras
d. Defending & Offending techniques
e. 12 Varmam locations and the striking techniques. (Pressure points)

Contact office for details 
Duration: 2 Weeks
Location: Madurai & Chennai

Intermediate Level
a. Varmakkalai Meditation
b. Vashi Yogam
c. Varmakkalai Mudras (Finger positions)
d. Defending & Offending techniques
e. Oru kal varisai (Single leg method)
f. Iru kal varisai (Double leg method)
g. 3 Remediation techniques
h. 20-25 Varmam locations and the striking techniques. (Pressure points)

Fee: Contact office for details
Duration: One Month
Location: Madurai & Chennai

Advanced Level
a. Varmakkalai Meditation
b. Vashi Yogam
c. Varmakkalai Mudras (Finger positions)
d. Defending & Offending techniques
e. Oru kal varisai (Single leg method)
f. Iru kal varisai (Double leg method)
g. 3 Remediation techniques
h. 45 Varmam locations and the striking techniques. (Pressure points)
i. 5 secret varmam which does not come under the normal category
j. Varma Ponnoosi
k. One Thattu Varmam, which can be remediated only by the person who striked, especially the master.

Fee: Contact office for details
Duration: Three Months
Location: Madurai & Chennai

Treatments Offered
1. Spinal Cord problems like Cervical and Lumbar.
2. Cervical Spondylosis
3. Disc Prolepses
4. Lumbar Disc Bulging
5. Lumbar Disc Compression
6. Cranial Hemorrhage
7. Intraparenchymal Hemorrhage
8. Cerebrovascular diseases (Hypertension etc)
9. Insomnia (Chronic, Acute & Transient)
10. Paralysis and more.

Contact Info:

R.Rajendran M.A
# 21A, Janaki Nagar,
New Colony
Muniandi Koil Street
Virattipathu (P.O)
Madurai - 625016
Tamil Nadu

Tel: +91-0452-2382137
Mobile: +91-9994103079 / 9629771606

NB: All the above information are taken from below mentioned website for my reader.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Support 'Kanya Kumari Viswakarma Education Trust'

This article is dedicated to all Viswakarma community people. Let us start with a prayer.

Om Aadhaar Shaktapey Namaha
Om Kumayi Namaha
Om Anantam Namaha
Prithviyayi Namaha

Kanyakumari District Viswakarma Friends Association was formed during the year 1982. It serves the community people with the sole objective of promoting education. It encourages the meritorious students by giving prizes and providing financial assistance every year. It promotes education by forming the KKVK TRUST, during the year 2000. It is operating from Nagercoil, Kanya Kumari district for the upliftment of Viswakarma community people. 



Kanya Kumari Viswakarma Education Trust was formed to build a Viswakarma Community college in Naakkamadu, Kanya Kumari district. The legal Deeds of KKVK TRUST were registered as 88/2000 on 11.02.2000 and as 10/2003 on 06.01.2003.

அறக்கட்டளையின் லட்சியம் உயர்வானது !
அறக்கட்டளையின் பார்வையும் செயலும் தெளிவானது !
அதனால் அறக்கட்டளையின் வெற்றியும் உறுதியானது !

Now Shares are available: Each share Rs.10,000. You can buy more than one share.

Important People for Contact:

Sl. Gr. AEE / TNEB (Rtd.),
“Raam Ellam”,
12B, Parker Street, Court Road,
Nagercoil – 629 001.
Cell : 94435 79298

Secretary: Dr. N. AZHAGESAN, BE., M.Tech, Ph.D
“Gokulam”, 20 – 69D1,
Acharimar Street,
Eathamozhy – 629 501
 Cell : 94435 80401

Treasurer: Dr. K. NAGESH,, M.Ed., M.Phil,D.Litt
28, Acharimar South Street,
   Nagercoil – 629 001.
Cell : 94425 13890


G. Kuttalingam Jeweller’s Building, 80/70, Ammasimadam Street, Meenakshipuram, Nagercoil -629001


Project Details:

Project Name: Viswakarma Industrial Training Center (ITC)

Project Location: Nakkalmadam, Thirupathisaram P.O., Nagercoil, Kanya Kumari District

Project Estimation: 1,25,00,000 Rupees

Fund Invested: 40,00,000 Rupees

Fund Needed: 85,00,000 Rupees

Project Construction Status: Building reached roof level, concrete roof yet to come; work is getting slow because of adequate fund flow.

NB: All the above estimation is made based on project deadline Mid-off of 2014. The estimated amount might increase if the project is not over by end of 2014.

Why we need Viswakarma ITC?

We are interested to spend more money in yearly celebrations, to build temples, community meeting etc but this college project is a life time achievement for each and every Viswakarmas. Let us take an example for the Viswarkarma annual celebration, we are collecting around 30 lakhs from all Viswakarama people and we spent the entire amount on the same day with only memories left at the end of the day. At the same time, if we show some interest to build this college will remain for centuries, it will be big credit for our people.

If we need a seat for our children we are running and requesting for other community college, finally paying some donation we will get a seat. If we have our own community college we no need to request anyone, no need for any donation and their also employment opportunity for people who are interested in lecturing jobs.

During function we give food to satisfy the invited people; that’s the only thing people come for the ‘enough’ mindset. Likewise, if we give education for one person, it is going to a benefit for not only that person, it is a benefit for that whole family. 

“There is nothing in this world equals to giving an education for a person.” – Sivathanu N.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewey.

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” – Malcolm Forbes.

Here I have added our short film created for educational awareness program done at 'Concordia School, Nagercoil.'

Special thanks to Abel Premanth, Jenslin Vino, Samuthra Rajan, Master Muthu and  Master Viswa.

How we raised the fund?

  • We started this Viswakarma ITC with three plans to arrange fund:
  • Getting share only from Viswarkarma people. (Each Share 10,000)
  • Denotation from big shots in our community.
  • Name inscription in building – 25,000
As of now we have around 700 share holders. Many people are not aware of this college project, as a Viswakarma what we expect to spread this project to all Viswakarma people.
We learned from this society;

We are earning from this society;

Now it is time for us to return something for our society;

- Sivathanu N

Future plan to raise the fund:

  • Spread our community college project to our friends and relatives who lives nearby to get new shares.
  • From the 700 share holders, we need to identify the single shareholder and ask them to introduce one more new share holder or suggest them to buy one more share.
  • Support our community to grow.
  • Identify our community big shot people and explain our project. 

NB: This video was prepared for our ‘Viswakarma Friends Association’ 31st Anniversary function held on 4th August 2013.

“Support our Community; Help our community people.”

Please help us to bring our community college dream to come into reality. Prove our community people are also strong here in society.

We have ‘Youth Committee (இளைஞர் அணி)’ to speed up this college project; I am also a member of this committee. Every month 1st week or 2nd week we arrange ‘Action Committee’ meeting and discuss about the project updates and new plans to uplift the fund. 

We request each and every one to share your innovative ideas to raise the fund.  We also have ‘Women Committee (மகளிர் அணி)’ lead by Mrs. Shivani Jeevanantham.

Om Viswa Brahmane Namah

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Saduragiri Shivan malai - My Trekking Experience

Sathuragiri Hill is also known as Sivanmalai/Sitharmalai, the whole mountain is in square (Chathuram) in shape so the name called as Sathuragiri. When I research in internet, I got another meaning to add here that is Sathuragiri came from Chathur (4) Veda (Vedas) Giri (Hill), where all the four Vedas met and formed the hill.

Sathuragiri Entrance

Sathuragiri is the Abode of God which falls under the Western Ghat ranges. It is really a great place to worship lord Shiva in his place. It is believed that 18 sithars (Agasthiyar, Nandi Devar, Thirumoolar, Bogar, Konkanavar, Machamuni, Gorakhnathar, Sattaimuni, Sundaranandar, Ramadevar, Kudambai, Karuvoorar, Idaikadar, Kamalamuni, Valmiki, Pathanjali, Dhanvanthiri & Pambatti) are still available in Sathuragiri and worshipping lord Shiva. People in Sathuragiri said that sithars might come in any form or they might near them but we cannot see easily them. We cannot enter the hill without their permission, before climbing the rock pray all the 18 sithars and start your journey.

It was my first time visit to Sathuragiri but for my dad it was fourth trip, I tried several times to visit but only Oct 5th I got an opportunity to see lord Shiva, only now I received approval from God to reach his place. I was surprised to see 6 years old kid to 65 years old people climbing the hill, the highlight is few physically challenged people also travelled along with us. While seeing these definitely we won’t feel any difficulty to climb the hill, our self confidence will get increase to reach the temple.

One physically challenged person finished his worship and getting down from hill


During full moon and new moon devotees visit the temples and pay their penance and have darshan. Pilgrims will climb the mountain only in groups and not in solo, since the forest is full of animals. Those who have strong heart and health are advised to climb up. The new moon during the month of July-August (Aadi Amavasai) attracts about 10 to 15 lacs devotees who come there to have the darshan of the Lord Mahalingam.

Every year my dad will go to Sathuragiri for Navarathi festival, Aanandavalli Amma Kollu will be setup for ten days. This year I got an opportunity to join along with my dad. We started from Nagercoil on Friday night at 11pm by Nagercoil – Kumli bus. We reached Sirivilliputhur around 4am early morning; from there we need to catch local bus to reach Watrap (vatrairuppu). From Watrap, we have mini bus as well as share auto service to reach Thaani Parai which is the entrance of Muulikai Vanam (Sathuragiri Hill Entrance). While reaching the entrance, lot of instructions mentioned to follow during the trip. One among them is we are advised to enter only between 6am to 6pm, the real reason behind this instruction is lot of wild animals are available in the hills, if we travel in night it is highly dangerous for us, but people won’t listen to this.

After entering at the foot hills, we can see
  • Aseervadha Vinayagar
  • RajaKali Amma
  • Vana Petchi Amma
  • Karuppasamy
Of these, Paechi Amma and Karuppasamy were installed by Sithars for guarding the southern side of the Hill.

Aseervadha Vinayagar & RajaKali Amma Temple (Foothill)

Vana Petchi Amma & Karruppan Swami Temple (Foothill)

Then on the way to Sathuragiri Shiva temple, we have:
  • Gorakkar Cave
  • "Irattai Lingam" or Sankaran Narayan Lingams
  • Vana Durgai Amma
  • Pilavadi Karuppasamy

Gorakkar Cave

"Irattai Lingam" or Sankaran Narayan Lingams
Then we can reach Shri Sundara Mahalingam Temple and have a good darshan.

Sundara Mahalingam Entrance (Thorana Vayil)

Sundara Mahalingam

After Finished darshan at Shri Sundara Mahalingam Temple then we need to visit Shri Santana Mahalingam Temple which is nearby.  In Santana Mahalingam temple, there is a sanctum for 18 sithars, Amman Sanctum, Murugan Sanctum and Vinayagar Sanctum. After that, we can see and mediate in Satta Natha Muni cave is situated near the temple.

Santhana Mahalingam Entrance (Thorana Vayil)

Santhana Mahalingam

After finishing darshan in Santana Mahalingam temple, we need to walk more for 1.5 kms to reach ‘Vana Kali Temple.’

Due to time constraints, the following places yet to see, I will plan it in my next Sathuragiri Trip.
  • Vana Durga
  • Oonjal Karuppan Swamy
  • Korakkar Scripture Rock
  • Vella Ganapathi (White colored Lord Ganesha)
  • Nadu Kattu Ganapathi
  • Naga Kanni Kavu
  • Periya Mahalingam
  • Thavasi Cave (It is said that Sithars are still there and one can enter only with their permission).
Periya Mahalingam

Thavasi Parai (Long Shot)

 Thavasi Cave Entrance

Personally what I felt during the trip is Sathuragiri is getting worst because of us; there is a well known sentence in Tamil ‘மனுஷ ஜென்மம் எங்க காலடி எடுத்து வெச்சாலும் அந்த இடம் விளங்காது!’ it is 100% true because people are not considering as holy trip instead thinking as ‘Tourist Place.’

Things to Remember:
  • It is not advised to climb the hill, if you have any heart diseases or respiratory problems. 
  • Please discuss with your family doctor before planning for this trip. 
  • Please consider eco-friendly environment, already we made all possible damages to place where we are living, now only forest is remaining and it is our responsibility to save. 
  • Please try to follow the basic rules in hills, don’t use plastics, if you are using then don’t throw it in forest after your use. 
  • Don’t talk unnecessary things while climbing the hill instead try to tell ‘Om Namah Shivaya,’ lot of hurdles are available on the way, if you are not careful then it might pull you down. 
  • Don't leave your wastes on the hill which includes human waste also , consider it as a holy place. 
  • Be careful of your things, lot of monkey are there to rob your things, few human monkeys are also there if you carelessly kept your things and try to trace it again you won’t get it back.

Monkey drinking bottle water

NB: Sathuragiri is not the place to research; it is going to be a highly dangerous place for researchers who do not have spiritual mentality.

I would like to thank god for making this trip successful.

"- - - Om Namah Shivaya - - -"